the Keep Writing postcard Project

The Keep Writing postcard Project was started in 2008 as a way to keep in touch with friends and penpals now with 140 subscribers in many states and countries. . Each month, each subscriber receives a folded card--one part is a postcard to keep, the other tells a story and offers a prompt for response. Responses are archived and also shared in public shows. Themes include homes, language, assumptions, posture, maps and collaborations.


Here is how it works:

Every month, usually around the first week, I will send you a letterpress printed card. It will typically be folded in half and taped shut. When you open it will look something like this:

keep writing number 72 march 2014

keep writing number 72 march 2014

On the inside, one part will have an image, a postcard I designed (sometimes with the help of freinds) and printed and is yours to keep. How do you know which side to keep? When you flip it over it will have your name and address on it! 

The other half of the card will explain a little bit about where the image came from, and what to do next. There will be a prompt. Maybe a question. In the card above, I asked for subscribers to offer some encouraging advice to a friend.

Write your response, cut at the fold, put a stamp on it and mail it back to me!

What if I don't want to mail it back?

It is your card! Mail it when you are ready. Or never. Some people liek to keep them together and save them. Some people write the first response that comes to mind and send them right away!

how long do I have to respond?

As long as you need. This project has been around since 2008 and I have no plans to stop. If it has been a while you may need to check my address as I have moved a few times. You can do that here!

what happens to the responses?

I post every response to a tumblr

I also post some responses on instagram (under the name @gutwrenchhope and with the tag #keepwritingpostcards). 

Once every few years I have a show sharing all the responses I have received in a certain time frame. This has happened twice and I hope to do it again in the summer of 2017 or 2018.  The shows are small but sweet with lots of room for reading. 

Postcard show at EM Wolfman Books in Oakland, July 2015

Postcard show at EM Wolfman Books in Oakland, July 2015

If you want me to know the card is from you, sign your name. If you don't want anyone to know it is you, I will not guess or out you.

If you don't want your responses shared at all, just let me know! Write an note on the back of the card and I will not post it on the internet or share it in shows!

Twice a year or so, I will send you just a postcard, one side, with no prompt for a response. Everyone needs a break once in a while!

How do I know when it is time to renew?

On your 10th or 11th postcard I will send you a note. I will usually also send you a separate card. You can also email me if you aren't sure. 

I want to know more

Every month I write a blog about the card, its inspiration and how it came to me. If you aren't already on my email list, sign up below. 

cheatsheet of HELPFUL LINKS

  • to see an archive of mailed responses I have received, go here!
  • to see an archive of all the postcards I have sent, go here!
  • to read more about any one postcard, read news!
  • to subscribe, sign up here!


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