Desktop Calendar / by Hope A

For two years, around the first of the month, I would be excited to go to Gennine's blog and download a free desktop calendar. It would satisfy both my need to have reminders for dates and deadlines and also answer the dilemma of what image to use on my desktop.  She closes shop for two months around the holidays and my computer keeps a November calendar well into January,

I have had a little more free time in the new year and I have been experimenting with the papers and ink on my desk, and my recently repaired sewing machine (um, I had the needle in backwards for a year). I like the idea of drawing but rarely the result from observation and notation, and I have liked to incorporate collage into my notebooks. Some of the things I like walk a line dangerously close to scrapbooking but a few days ago I realized I could make my own desktop calendar. And I can share it with you.  It might take me a few months to get the glitches out but here we go.  Click on the link below to set as your desktop calendar. 


Download the image from here . I had to save it to my desktop as a file before I could set it as the image but I am working on that.