Holiday Newsletters / by Hope A

Sent December 2 2105

Sent December 2 2105

I never really got holiday newsletters. I had one friend who wrote them but at some point I stopped receiving cards from them.  I never minded them, and i like the idea of catching up on the past year. Even with letters I often feel like I am missing so much in my faraway friends' lives.  But I wanted it to be fun for everyone. And I've never written a madlib.

Well now I have. I have to tell you there were a few amazing excerpts I have already received:

After all that excitement I am looking forward to a quiet holiday at home getting ready and lying.

After years of hard work, Keldric finally did drugs.

I am going back to school for death so by next summer I should be a fully licensed tech bot. You'll know who to turn to for your emptiness,


With thanks to Alyssa for answering hte phone at night to help me out. Also Andy let me try at least two versions on him. The newsletter is much better because of their input.

You can read all the responses plus see all the mail I've reverenced through his project at