By Hand / by Hope A

Deciding to leave Oakland, I did no think about how it would change my work. I knew I would continue to print. I knew I cold adapt to whatever equipment was available. But I took for granted how efficient and specific my process had been. I designed on a computer. usually 2 postcards at a time, so I could focus my creative energy over a few days. Then I would order film, make plates. And, when I was ready, I would block off two or three days and print in multiple short visits to the shop. This allowed time for mistakes, for having an off day.  There were always challenges but I minimized the range of issues.

At Baskerville, I have access to hand set type and a group for artists with different backgrounds and abilities. I have begun trying new techniques. And, of course, there is a curve as I re-learn how to set and lock up type. I am relearning and refiguring process. 

This month I was inspired by a character in The Pushcart Wars, who preferred to attack "by hand" .  I am appreciating the creative problem solving, the new possibilities of the equipment at hand.  Not unlike learning to rock climb, another new experience in New Orleans. I have begun teaching at a climbing gym and am able to climb there. Looking at the wall, figuring out routes, solutions, how to get to where I want to go, this is not unlike the problem of what message will I convey this month. I am awkward at both, always learning.