60 Seconds / by Hope A

Keep Writing number 84

Keep Writing number 84

For March, I was inspired by a Gabriel Marcia Marquez quote:

For every minute you sleep, you lose sixty seconds of light.

I wrote it down years ago, when I slept less. But now I think of it as more about paying attention, of being awake and aware. Of course, the part of me that doesn't sit still (the internalized capilatlism, as Claire calls it) also likes to stay busy, not waste time. But lately I have been also taking it slow, walking, looking for quiet and just looking around.  It is easy to look one but I have been trying mroe often to sit with a spot, notice details and be still. And that is what I asked folks to do this month. See responses at www.keepwritingpostcards.tumblr.com

oh, when I send these out I mentioned typos. There were two:

I asked people to sit for sexty seconds

and I suggested getting a montlhy subscription. You can get your subscription too. And I will work on proofreading. Most embarrasing it that these were writtne digitally not handset.