let there be light! / by Hope A

The end of 2017 was dark for many of us. Deaths of icons of our youth, fear of the upcoming presidency and his policies, internet arguments, hate crimes and holidays made more tense with difficult conversation, avoidance and the anniversary of freinds' and family deaths. 

For the beginning of this year, I wanted to remind us that the days are getting longer, that there is more light, that it is part of a cycle. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of work to do, but I wanted to look forward towards something, to find the thing that gives us hope and inspiration in the dark. If I had made this a tear away card and asked for your response, maybe I would maybe ask what is the thing that inspires you, what is your light? Or maybe I would ask what you have learned in the dark, because this is necessary too--the sadness, the hurt, the quiet time. Hibernation is a time to reflect and renew.  

In the end I decided not to ask anything from you this month. I gave us all a few more weeks to catch up, to take the lessons we have learned from our darkest days of winter, and apply them to move into the light. There is so much to so.

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