different ways to resist / by Hope A

 image from the Social Justice Kitten collection by  Sean Teharatchi

image from the Social Justice Kitten collection by Sean Teharatchi

Since the presidential votes were counted, I, along with many others, have been plotting different ways to resist, to stand strong and feel connected against what has felt like a tidal wave of difficulties.  Outright racist and fear-mongering speeches, unleashing the worst in some people, the deliberate and blatant refusal of an idea of a fact. It can feel overwhelming. But there are many groups already working against the affects of racism, fear, poverty, to help with access and empowerment. I decided to use the thing I already do, sending postcards every month, to raise money for local groups doing tangible work. I started by offering pay-by-donation subscriptions to the Keep Writing Project on Inauguration Day. The response was so great I extended it another 24 hours. I then decided it would continue for the first 100 days of the new presidency.   After a few weeks, and $800 for the New Orleans Abortion Fund, I started raising money for BreakOUT, a group that works to end the criminalization of LGBT youth. For the last 30 days I will raise money for the Cornerstone Builders, a group that support newly released in their first 72 hours out of prison. Part of this project also pays for monthly busses to take family to visit their loved ones.   Every year a group of cyclists ride from New Orleans to Angola to raise money for this project, to keep families in touch, to offer connection to those who are imprisoned. For the whole month of April, I will send any money I receive for Keep Writing subscriptions to this group. There are many ways to resist. Donating money is a small part, but also learning about these groups, belong to support them in anyway. Stay close y'all.