where you read / by Hope A


I have a friend who used to only open his mail when he was ready to respond. I tried that for a while but lately, I want to read it as soon as I have it. I stand outside the post office, facing the bayou and read everything. The other day that included 2 poems from a book a friend sent to me. I cried a little, looked up to see the post office around me, the bayou across from and rode home.

Despite my reputation and vocation, I sometimes don't write back. I have found that making time, if not every morning, then at least once a week, to answer my mail has helped. I still read everything standing at the post office but then I reread, find an appropriate note card and write back.

This month, there was a lot of experimentation in the process. And nothing worked out like I thought (which is the important part of experimenting! discovering new things!)  I took a photo of the spot at the bayou, but my phone had recently fallen into some water and the photo was hazy because the lens hadn't quite dried out . I used the blurry photo as a reference for a line drawing. I was going to use 2 layers--a detailed top layer and a soft under color. But one of them didn't work. The I decided to experiment with a split fountain on a platen press. And I chose the colors of the rainbow. The result: a card that is not what I thought it would be. But when is it ever, really?