happy birthday to me! / by Hope A

Did I think I would be celebrating 100 postcards that day I was biking home in the Baton Rouge humidity? I knew I had thought of something that made sense of all the parts of me, something I was excited about. Now here I am with multiple birthday cakes (and I turned 40!) and a pile of mail to answer.

This month's postcard was based on designs by Blackbird Letterpress, who kindly let me borrow the template and their die, to finish these lovelies one late night in the shop. Though the type is all computer based, those sloppy drawings are all mine.It was a fun experiment that went reasonably well, even after 600 passes on the giant Vandercook at Baskerville. 

Now what? you might ask.

Now I ask my friends for help. I've asked 13 people to design a postcard in the coming year. Some are letterpress printers, some are ceramics artists, some are writers. All seemed excited to collaboratively design a postcard with me. I am lucky lucky lucky. Actually YOU are lucky, as they will be delivered to your mailbox in the coming year. Expect your first one in September.

Meanwhile, if your subscription has lapsed, you can re-subscribe here. If you are receiving cards but you are not sure for how much longer, I will send you a notice in a few weeks letting you know how much longer you have a subscription.

If you thinking I am suffering from heat stroke and talking nonsense, rest assured I have air conditioning, plenty of cold drinks and a plan--I will send you letterpress postcards every month if you subscribe to the Keep Writing Project. It is available as a gift, and about to get more fun. You can also have many of your questions answered here. 

Well, I may claim to not be affected by the heat but I am ready for a drive out of town, some lake swimming, some visits with friends. i will be back in September with the first collaborative postcard!