Keep Writing Summer Census report for June / by Hope A

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Officially we were going to start in July but the summer camps are happening and I wanted to visit as many as I could, so we spent 10 days hopping around from the Country Day Creative Arts Camp to Community Works sites in New Orleans East, Algiers Point, Broadmoor, and then to the Uptown Library, the Co-op AND we spent a hot hot day at Pagoda then Glitterbox before going home and taking a nap.

I mostly forgot to take photos. 

Did I mention we were also at the ALA (American Librarian Association) Conference in the Exhibit Hall sharing all the zines with the best nerds.The Conference itself was 4 days long, and I was there for 3 of them, talking to librarians, talking to zinesters and listening to Michelle Obama talk about her upcoming book.

What have I learned so far?

  • it is worth dumping everything off my bike once or twice and using a much smaller table to not have to park my car.  On Saturday, while lots of people were marching in the streets (yay for showing up and staying loud!) I rode between MidCity and the French Quarter handing out postcards.

  • many people assume that if they tell you their email address, you will put them on a mailing list.  I was extra cautious about privacy and most people so far have not been concerned. every once in a while someone does not want to participate because they assume I will have their name and birthplace and I will share it with the world. I will not. 

  • I am more outgoing than I used to me. But talking to people for many days in a row is still tiring.

  • handing out 5000 postcards might be mathmatically impossible. Stay tuned for solutions to that problem.

Meanwhile, keep in touch. I will be out on the 4th of July talking to my neighbors and then a bunch more events are planned--check here for the latest list of events.