READ by Hope A

I don't read as much as I used to. When I was in middle school, over the summer, I would read the entire Little House on The Prairie set over and over. I would read all day, sitting outside at the day camp I attended. But for the past year or so, I haven't found anything that would hold my interest for that long. I read magazines, I read short stories when I travel, I listen to audio books. I've tried taking only baths and reading in the bath, I've tried reading at night.  I wasn't upset but there were books I wanted to have read but I didn't have the focus to sit and read.

One day I was giving away a pile of books (not because I have given up on reading, these were books I have already read). I stopped at one of the many free little libraries in residential streets on my way to work. I saw a copy of Dune. I remember when the movie came out, I remember the images for the movie poster. It was never a book I read or had much interest in. But I do like a paperback with a good design and as a bonus there is a map inside of the planet where the book is based. I threw it in my bag and took it home.

Over the next few weeks I read it every chance i got: in the bath, on break at work, in bed with a tiny light on so my sweetie could sleep. I'm not a huge science fiction fan (though the last book I had read was a selection of feminist sci-fi) but something about the book was captivating.  When I came to the Litany against Fear, I made a note of the page number and knew what my next postcard would be.

I had no idea that the passage was famous that it might be on coffee mugs and high school yearbooks. But it appealed to me as I think a lot about fear, about things I am afraid of, about how to look at those things, see them, acknowledge them, and act not react to them.

I was telling everyone who would listen about Dune as if I had discovered a new treasure. And I had. Years after everyone else.

PS I was looking for a clip of the movie without an ad and then I found this. Which I like better.

60 Seconds by Hope A

 Keep Writing number 84

Keep Writing number 84

For March, I was inspired by a Gabriel Marcia Marquez quote:

For every minute you sleep, you lose sixty seconds of light.

I wrote it down years ago, when I slept less. But now I think of it as more about paying attention, of being awake and aware. Of course, the part of me that doesn't sit still (the internalized capilatlism, as Claire calls it) also likes to stay busy, not waste time. But lately I have been also taking it slow, walking, looking for quiet and just looking around.  It is easy to look one but I have been trying mroe often to sit with a spot, notice details and be still. And that is what I asked folks to do this month. See responses at www.keepwritingpostcards.tumblr.com

oh, when I send these out I mentioned typos. There were two:

I asked people to sit for sexty seconds

and I suggested getting a montlhy subscription. You can get your subscription too. And I will work on proofreading. Most embarrasing it that these were writtne digitally not handset.