Zine--Keep Loving, Keep Fighting #9

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Zine--Keep Loving, Keep Fighting #9


Keep Loving, Keep Fighting is the zine I started when I moved to New Orleans in 2002. Stories about living in this city, about travels away and, after Hurricane Katrina, it became a document of the struggle to rebuild and recover.

This is issue number 9—the first KLKF in 10 years! 32 pages in full color—drawings I have been working on for the past year, with minimal non-linear text.   Referencing suicide, alcoholism, love and spirituality, I realized it is sometimes harder to write fewer words about difficult subjects (see:poetry).

This is the first full color zine since 1998 when I lived in a quiet apartment on a dead end street in Dover, NH where I rarely slept but made a full color zine about my manic insomnia.  I sleep a lot more but Im still listening to the same song over and over trying to make sense of things.

Released in May 2018.

*quarter  size booklet, measuring 4 x 5 inches
*32 pages full color digital print
*letterpress printed cover


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