the Keep Writing Project


An antidote to endless scrolling

It’s easy. You wake up to notifications or want to check the weather and 30 minutes later you can’t remember why you picked up the phone.

You text friends and it is great for a minute but a month later you are trying to recall that perfect advice.

Your mailbox is full of bills or catalogues or mail for someone else or you aren’t even sure where your mailbox is.

Five social media apps and AMA* posts aren’t revealing anything about your friends and their friends.

We want connection so we reach out. Anyone in the world could be listening but sometimes it feels like no one is.


Welcome to the Keep Writing Project.

A long-running** subscription that sends a letterpress printed postcard to your mailbox every month, with a prompt for your response.

Imagine a low pressure penpal who asks good questions. Imagine also an art subscription with an option to participate. Imagine a surprise in your mailbox every month.

Pay for your subscription by the year, recurring, or with a LIFETIME subscription and every month I will send you a card—one part will be an original design, which is yours to enjoy. The other half of the card poses a question or offers a prompt. You can respond. Or not. It’s up to you. Either way you can see how other people respond by looking into the archive. Once in a while you will be invited to an art show to meet other subscribers and read piles of responses. Sometimes I will ask you to write to someone other than me! There are so many opportunities to explore.

It’s only one step towards the cure for isolation. But it is a step.


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**since 2008! for reals.