Resolutions and Goals Revisited

You might not remember this, but a year ago I thought I might loose my job along with all of my friends so I thought, I could step up, take on more responsibility for a little while in exchange for paying off some debt and helping a bunch of great people to keep their jobs.]

You may or may not also remember that the "temporary" position was less temporary than I wanted and all the time spent in that position was doomed really from the start, undermined by stronger forces.  Which was ok with me. Until I did it again, agreed to temporarily take on more than I really wanted to for some idealistic kind of greater good. And in exchange for a scholarship.

At least two people have told me in the past weeks that I need to be better at saying no.

I thought I was getting better at setting boundaries, but i am just behind the curve. And, in both positions, I learned a lot, gained a lot and now they are both over. 

So i'm resting my sore feet, sleeping in for a few more days, and starting on a new list for 2015.  I did a lot of what I wanted to in 2014, even if I didn't make it to Rome. I like to give myself some reasonable goals, a few that will take some work, and something to raise the bar.

I'm happy not to be in credit card debt, to have a little savings, to be writing letters in the mornings, to have had a really wonderful reading experience in Oakland in December and to have seen both my parents and my sister.  As for the postcard show, well, that is coming up but I can't say any more yet. But you should start sending them back if you've been procrastinating. 

I won't promise to post more in the new year because, well, I like to write a good story with my photos and if I don't take the time to write, well I'm not going to worry about rushing it.

Ok, take care. See you next year.



2014! from a card from Ink Meets Paper, a letter writers best stationery friend   

2014! from a card from Ink Meets Paper, a letter writers best stationery friend