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Recently, friends had been sharing a photo on social media with a caption that didn't sit right with me. The news itself was upsetting, but the caption seemed inaccurate from other sources. I wanted to say more about it and to share it because it is an important story. But I also wanted to be accurate. There are so many outright lies and inaccuracies and this one was a simple fix. I read the story the photo was linked to, and 2 others that corroborated the information. I shared a different photo, with a slightly different caption. The mistake was small and did not take away from the impact of the information and I did not want to point our the inaccuracy to my friends because I was embarrassed to be that exact.

But we could use more exactitude in our information.

And a little more skepticism in the news we receive. We hear talk about disagreeable information as being "fake news," but it is not just the president who wants the news to reflect what he already believes. We can do it too sometimes, find the news that confirms what we believe  But a larger perspective gives context so I have been trying to listen to a few different news sources. 

This month I have been asking you to tell me from where you have been getting your news and why. Now I am sharing it with you. I was going to provide comments on each source but I will let you decide which sources are useful to you. I like facts, smart analysis, and a little humor. Not all of these sources are 100% awesome 100% of the time, but combined they help keep me informed.

Links are provided! Just click on the underlined source.


The Rachel Maddow Show

Democracy Now

WTF happened today

Al Jazeera 

and I will keep it updated as y'all send me yours! (in no particular order)

New York Times

Washington Post

Huffington Post

LA Times


The Eutomaidan (for Eastern Europe)

Southerners on New Ground newsletter

NARAL newsletter

Emily's List newsletter

Council on Islamic Relations newsletter

National Immigration Law Center newsletter

The Skimm

The Guardian

Daily Kos


Bust magazine

Bitch magazine

The Daily Show

John Oliver /Last Week Tonight

Colbert/ The Late Show

The New Yorker

High Country News

The Economist

France 24

the library!

art by people who are not like me

Radio Canada

The Lens New Orleans

The Advocate Baton Rouge & New Orleans


this crazy TV station that my antenna picks up from Japan

response from Andy

response from Andy