resistance is love in action

My dad was visiting me in New Orleans during the inauguration and I missed all the marches. I was walking in the swamp trying to identify birds, or drinking coffee, trying not to read the news.  I thought of the things that are most important to me and how I can use that to participate.

I offered pay-what-you-can subscriptions for inauguration day, and offered to donate 100% to the New Orleans Abortion Fund . I was hoping to raise maybe a few hundred dollars. We raised $800. I love sending postcards and I am happy to have new subscribers who are excited about participating. It is a small way to give back and it helps me to stay motivated and I think it is part of keeping the momentum of the movement. Whatever you think or however you voted, the next 4 years will be a marathon, not a sprint, and we have to find a way to balance the need to acknowledge what is said and done by the president, and not over or under react. And between tweets and attacks, there is proposed legislation cutting funding for people and groups who need it most.

This is only a small part. 

The first 100 days ends June 9th and I will continue to donate all sales from Keep Writing subscriptions. For the rest of January and all of February, I will donate to BreakOUT!, dedicated to ending the criminalization of lgbtq youth in New Orleans. You can subscribe a friend, you can add on to your subscription. You can sign up a family member. This is what I have. Letterpress printed words to share, a dedication to communication and a willingness to share resources. Keep loving, keep fighting. 


post script:

I have been proud of printmakers, reclaiming our history of those who spread news for the people. Power and Light Press took it one further and offered these tote bags, originally for the women's march but so many orders were placed they had to set back shipping times--100% of the proceedss are going to planned parenthoodd. The sale of this tote (still available!) has raised more than $50,000. yahoo!