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If you have never read Ker-Bloom zine, the 20 year project from artnoose, stop reading here, find yourself at least one issue, through etsy or your local zine shop, savor it, and we will meet up in the next paragraph.

my collection of ker-bloom!

my collection of ker-bloom!


Ker-bloom is a letterpress printed treasure. Every two months, 4 pages of text are offered, a monologue on a theme, a story, a glimpse.  When I moved to Seattle in 1998, I would use all the money I made in consigning my zines at Left Bank Books for the latest issues of Ker-Bloom. It isn't just the writing, or the letterpress cover and pages, it is holding the package in your hands. It is precious. And bi-montly.

For the 20th anniversary issue artnoose wrote about starting this project and what it has evolved into.  The idea for a project that started small but became their defining work.

I can relate to this. Eight years ago, I left New Orleans to go to college. I left behind a lot of good friends. I wanted to send mail to everyone I missed in New Orleans and my other penpals.  But school kept me busy.  One day in my first semester, I was biking home from class when I thought, what if I sent everyone the same postcard every month? What if I designed it and printed it. I could keep in touch with all my friends and have a creatively challenging project every month. Now it is the project that frames my month, how I set up my weeks. After recently reuniting with a friend I have known since high school but have not seen in years, we realized are both still doing the same work we've always been doing.  He is still writing. I am still sending mail.   Our work might take different forms, and but the essence remains the same. .


Now that I have moved back to New Orleans it is i a good time to notice how things have stayed the same, what remains true, how I have found a way within this truth.   This is Keep Writing number 91. Sent a bit late. I am still adjusting to my new old life. But there is mail. And a new po box. An aisle away from my old one.


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