Keep Writing Letterpress Postcard Subscription--SPECIAL


Keep Writing Letterpress Postcard Subscription--SPECIAL

40.00 every 12 months

This is for subscribers who were subscribed since October 2019 . This special recurring price is good if you renew through March 2020 .

The antidote to endless scrolling!

For over ten years the Keep Writing project has been encouraging you to write back by asking you questions through the mail.

Every month you will receive one handmade letterpress printed postcard—a 5.5x 8.5 folded card that tears in half--one half is a custom designed print for you to keep.  The other half has a question or prompt for your response. 

Participation is optional—I love hearing from you and sharing your responses but I also understand if you just aren’t interested in replying right now. This is low pressure penpal exchange! I will keep sending you cards as long as you want them, even if you never write back.

Available as a gift too! Just fill out the recipient's name and address when prompted. If you want a one time, non recurring gift for a friend, see the separate GIFT listing.***

*many examples of previous cards can be seen here.

*Want to see what mail people have sent me? All responses are archived here.

*answers to all your questions here

*price includes domestic postage

*subscription automatically renews every year on date of purchase. you can cancel anytime via squarespace.

* to update your address, please email me at