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Ordering wholesale from gutwrench press:

Welcome! Here is how to place a wholesale order with us:

  • go to the store tab on this site
  • choose the "*" section
  • any item under the * section can be ordered whole sale
  • use code WHOLESALE at checkout to receive wholesale pricing--wholesale prices are 50% of retail
  • please note that postcards are NOT packaged in plastic sleeves--if you would like them in sleeves, please email me for price and arrangements
  • choose your form of payment
  • we ship asap, usually within one week. we will contact you if there is any delay

Please note:

  • items are listed at RETAIL price--whole sale price is 50% of this price
  • minimum order is $50 (wholesale without shipping, or $100 in retail price without shipping)
  • all orders are shipped USPS priority--excess shipping is refunded 
  • If you are in New Orleans and we have made arrangements for you to pick up your order, I will refund your shipping entirely
  • If this is your first time ordering with us, please email gutwrenchpress@gmail.com to introduce yourself.