“I Can’t Draw” and other myths



I can’t draw.

I’m not good at art.

I’m not creative.

My sister/partner/best friend is the artsy one.

But none of these statements allieveates the desire to be creative, the urge to develop some kind of artistic practice. You don’t want to paint-by-numbers but you aren’t ready for hours in a studio alone.


It takes practice.

We do this as children.

We explore. We experiment. We find something that makes a mark and we draw.

You don’t have to be a master painter to try painting.

You don’t have to sell your work in a gallery for it to mean something to you.

There are many paths to making art.

Making mistakes leads to better problem solving.

Experimentation can lead to innovation.

There is no one way to draw a tree.


First, I love teaching.

I want you to love what I am sharing with you and I want you to succeed—I want your first bound book to hold together, I want you to make something that makes you feel something, I want you to make a library of mini-zines and share your stories.

Second, I have experience.

With unfussy patience, I will tell you what I know.

I will make best guesses for what I do not or we will figure it out together.

In the past 20 years I’ve worked with children and adults teaching bike repair, art, drawing and movement. In all my classes, I maintain encouragement and support.

Third, I offer a low stakes supportive environment where you can develop the skills needed to bring a creative practice into your life.

Whether its an afternoon embroidering paper or four weeks learning about basic drawing materials, I encourage experimentation and exploration.

We will learn methods, tools and even a little theory. We look at art, talk about art and then try a bunch of different ways of making art. We use materials that are easy to find and I provide everything you need in class so you don’t end up with materials you won’t use again if you decide never to draw, embroider or print again.


You think you can’t draw but want to try.

You realize that creativity isn’t limited to painting.

You suspect that many of us want to be the artsy ones.

This isn’t just for beginners.

Professional artists get stuck in ruts too. We become so comfortable in one skillset, we don’t try anything new because it might not be as easy for us.

This is for you.

This is the kind of artist I am. I do not paint masterpieces in my sleep. I have to practice and work and try . I want to share this with you.

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*true story. she used to erase and redraw my figure studies. she later told me she loved my recent drawings.

teaching at blackbird letterpress, baton rouge  photo by mark martin

teaching at blackbird letterpress, baton rouge photo by mark martin